Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Award Winning Husband

A couple weeks ago now, Jon was "awarded" with a dinner at Pizza Hut (well, we all got to share in that part), a plaque, and a really nice winter coat for work. The plaque and dinner were kind of just for the fun, but he really is a hard worker and he takes pride in being good at what he does. Since the business is so small, Jon carries a lot of weight. I, for one, feel very blessed for him to have a nice work jacket (he really hasn't for several years) on these bitter cold days, AND not to have to pay for it!
The engraving place messed up. It's supposed to be "Express Plumbing & HEAT Service" NOT HEATING Service.


The Taylors said...

Fun,cool! Way to go Jon!

R. Catton said...

Very nice Jon! You've always been a hard worker and we've always been proud of you! Like the plaque and can't wait to see the new jacket! Love you!

R. Catton said...

P.S. Nice picture of you, Jon!