Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots of Love for Baby

Some of the gifts brought to the hospital. I didn't get pictures of everything. We got frilly dresses, cute socks that look like shoes, candy, and puzzle books. We've also received several fun cards and packages in the mail since we've been home.
"aunt" Tandy & "uncle" Andrew were the first to meet Maddie in the hospital. They brought these pretty flowers for us to enjoy.
Nana & Aunt Joy brought these, the balloons, & a bag of goodies to keep us busy while we sat in the hospital. (all from my family collectively) There were 6 balloons - a welcome gift from her 6 cousins on the Montgomery side.
Pastor Aaron and his son Michael stopped by and brought these (notice the "vase" is actually like a parmesan shaker - thought that was cool!)
Gama & Grampa Catton Brought these from themselves & Uncle Brad, Aunt Melissa, & cousin Logan

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The Taylors said...

Ok, totally laughing at myself...I was wondering how (and why) you managed to sneak the bird into the hospital.
:-D Duh, just had a moment, I'm ok now!