Thursday, March 24, 2011

A VERY Long Day at the Hospital - Finally!

Sorry some of these pictures are awkward because I had to crop them all vertically because blogger still won't upload right. . . So just real quick for those who haven't heard and care to. . . SIX days AFTER my due date (yes, I am the first of my family to NOT go early!) on the fateful Wednesday morning right around 2:30 A.M., I was just getting ready to make yet another bathroom run when. . . You guessed it. My water broke. Both the midwife and the birthing class instructor had said wait, sleep, eat, etc. until contractions get close together. . . What a joke! We DID wait a few hours while we got things together (what wasn't already together since I had been packed and ready to go for like TWO months!). We finally headed for the hospital around 6 (this was with contractions 2-3min. apart like they said). We thought maybe by noon we'd have a baby. . . Ha! Well anyway, long story short, we got to the hospital and contractions slowed up (guess that's common) so, we spent the day at the hospital just hanging out (since they won't send you home with your water broken) until early evening when the nurse accidentally finished breaking my water! After that things sped up and by 9:38 that night we had a baby (nurse had speculated 11:00 based on progress until then). I guess considering no meds and a first baby, things went really well and quicker than the average, so. . . That's that. The exciting story. . . Enjoy the pix!
In the car getting ready to head to the hospital
Nurse said Dad should put on the first diaper Daddy's first official time holding her
Again. . . And you have to give kudos to Mommy for laying in bed taking pictures with the zoom! Talk about dedicated! :-)
The midwife that delivered since our regular one was tied up with another delivery (can't begrudge the poor other mom! She was at it waaaaay longer and delivered just a little before we did!). Oh, this picture is from the next morning when she came to check on us.
Our regular midwife - we saw her all but like two times during the pregnancy. Also the next day.
The amazing nurses during delivery. One in light blue is the nursery nurse (she was sooo helpful for the next few days too!). The one in darker blue is the regular nurse (also great when we had her the next few days.)
Another great nurse! She was on all day but shift change was at 7. She was back the next day too.
Finally home 3 days later (her late evening birth made her 48hr. after hours for the Dr. to discharge her, so we spent an extra night).
Home. . . (also first picture of the three of us together since we didn't get one at the hospital)


Aimee said...

Thank you so much for sharing your "day" with us with photos.:)

Are you serious, no pain meds?! High tolerance for pain... Bless you:)

Leah & Jon said...

Yeah well what they say is true... just when you think you cant take any more, it's almost over and they wont give you anything anyway. Overall very pleased with delivery and recovery without. I feel like we avoided other possible complications this way.

Jeff said...

Yeah, Tina's water broke around the same time but she ended up delivering at 3:18 PM. She was 1 day late with Jordan. Congrats you guys. Now the "fun" really begins =) Just kidding, it is well worth it all.