Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Randomness Again. . .

Monday. . . (had a spit up incident and it was warm enough - hence no clothes)
Tuesday. . . (note hair clip) Thought this was funny. . . She didn't think much of the hair things Nana got her for Easter. When she wasn't fussing about it she sat there with her eyes rolled up like she was trying to see what exactly was pulling her hair. :-)
Got the clip out and got her calmed down.
Wednesday. . . Every few days she has a day where she doesn't want to wake up and she just wants to eat and sleep most of the day. Today has been one of those days.
And now we're all caught up. It seems I forget to get pictures of other things when she's around. We had another bowling night with the young adult group from church. We had a better turn out this time, but took her because Nana, Papa and Aunt Joy were away, so. . . No pix. I'd like to say it was because I didn't have a free hand, but truth be told I made sure I had my camera before we went and she got passed around, so I have to just own up to the fact that it completely slipped my mind until we were getting ready to leave! We also went to opening day of our favorite summertime eatery, Riverside. Usually this is an anual thing with at least Joy if not my mom, but. . . Again they were gone, so we went with friends and they didn't know to expect pictures of the event and I didn't want to be obnoxious about picture taking, so. . . Maybe we'll make it up with Joy and Mama later. Also new in Madelyn's world. . . Appendages. . . Seriously! She has been watching her hands and fingers - which is pretty funny most of the time because she'll stare for a loooong time at them and move them around but she eventually gets them close to her face and goes cross-eyed. Like I said funny. . .

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The Taylors said...

Loved my Maddie fix! She is so pretty! More pictures for my layout (now to find time).
Your Mom's Day pictures are great by the way, "wind blown" is so IN right now anyway. ;-)