Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday. . .

Just found this unpublished post. . .
The day before Mother's day we attempted our first Mother/Daughter banquet with Grama Catton. . . Madelyn didn't think much of that idea, so we kinda left early and didn't get any good pictures but here are some taken at Grama and Grampa Catton's house after. (admittedly I stole several pix from Grama's camera [figured why have multiple cameras going when I could just steal pix], but some ARE mine).
Just a random, kinda funny one (check out her leg. . .). I think she was still trying to wake up when Daddy sat her up to greet Uncle Brad, Aunt Melissa, and Logan. Having a chat with Grampa. . . She had been sleeping on the couch but apparently woke up while we were all in the kitchen, so Grampa sat her up and they talked and she grinned and just had a high ol' time.
Thought this was cute. They were just trying to get the kids together, but I thought it was nice with all four of them.

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