Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer! . . . Finally

Yesterday way sooo nice that we got around, lugged the stroller (baby and all) down three flights of stairs, and went for a walk. She seems to really enjoy being outside. She was very content the whole time and would just occasionally exclaim.
Of course we had to get pictures of her looking cute in her outfit before we could go.
attempting to sit up - always just ends in a forward slump. Our stroller only has two settings, sitting straight up or laying almost flat. She of course would have none of laying flat, so I sat it up. She thought she was so big, but she's not quite as big as she thought so she kept slumping over. I ended up laying it back down and putting a folded blanket under her so she was propped up a little. . . that worked just fine.
This is a favorite past time lately. No, she's not sleeping, she's watching at her hands. :-)
All tired out from all that sunlight and fresh air.

2 comments: said...

She is adorable in that outfit, wondered if it fit her yet. All the pictures are great. Enjoyed going through all of them and saying ohhhh, isn't she cute? Isn't it sweet when they find their hands and feet? Just love her!

Aimee said...

She is beautiful.. and growing like a weed :) So glad for your posts..