Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun Firsts. . .

I skipped editing to try to get things posted sooner. Also after all this time blogger decided to post pictures in the right order (which actually makes them backwards now because I've been posting backwards to get them in the right order... anyway so if you want them in order you have to start at the bottom.)
First "play-date" :-) Madelyn seems to really like Ali (she reaches for her and gets concerned when she fusses) and Ali was amused by Madelyn's squeals. She even grinned at her a couple times!
Not really a first. . . sometimes she feels like holding it sometimes she doesn't but she did really well this time and I thought the legs in the air was funny.
First time down a slide (actually 3rd but all in the same day). She seemed to think it was fun but of course anything's fun with Daddy! :-)
First successful spoon feeding - carrots if you can't tell. :-)
First wedding - lifelong friend of Jon's got married in July.

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