Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pictures. . . LOTS and LOTS of pictures!

And this is just the beginning! I have a few more posts worth but alas not the time to post them. . . stay tuned!
OK, pix are backwards again but not many matter. Again, no editing. . . enjoy!
Thanks for the other cute outfit Aunt Deb and Uncle Ken!
She liked her new shoes better this way. . . :-)
Had a fix on Dad
He had to move behind me to get her to look my way for a picture and make no mistake, that smile isn't for me! :-)
Love this outfit! Thanks Aunt June and Uncle Dale!
The athletic baby :-)
Love this! Checkin' out her new sneaks. . . (all shoes pictured are thanks to Aunt Rachel and Uncle John. . . Thanks!)
Found her like this when I checked on her one day. . . silly girl!
Thanks for the cool toy Aunt Becky! It's getting a lot of use these days!
Mommy and Madelyn. Don't get many of these because I'm always the one with the camera so self portraits have to do.
Pretty girl.
Really like this dress Net!
You never know how you'll find her when she's sleeping. . .
5 Months - already??
silly hair! :-)
She's been staring at these things for months and can finally stretch to reach them!
almost always a happy camper!
Love her little piggies stickin' out below the tray.


The Early Family "Adventures" said...

Oh Leah, She is BEAUTIFUL! What a precious baby!

Becky said...

She's just SO cute in every single picture! I couldn't get over how different she looked in the top picture - she didn't even look like the same baby. The mop of hair that is particularly noticeable when she's asleep cracks me up.

Wendysue said...

Wow! She looks SOOOO grown up in that first picture! Cute! I wish they wouldn't grow up quite so fast though....

Aimee said...

I LOVE these pics of lil cuz! Her patch of hair is soo cute too. Will I be seeing you guys at the walk this year any? I want to meet her!

Gramma said...

Love alllll the pictures of this beautiful little girl. So cute holding her bottle and all her smiles. She is so precious, love her!

The Taylors said...

Just realized I never commented, but it isn't because I haven't looked (a time or two or three) and just loved all the pictures. Beck is right, they are all just too cute.