Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Not this past weekend but the one before we had our annual pumpkin carving with Jon's family. The pumpkin's are (from left to right) Melissa's Grandma's, Brad's (I think... they did it a day or so before), Logan's (mom & dad helped!), mine, Ruth's, Ralph's, and Jon's.
Cousins - Madelyn, Sydney, and Logan
More of our little Ballerina. She was full of it and would NOT sit still and look at me so...
Thought the pumpkin was really something!
Good plan Mom, move the pumpkin out of the picture but still within view! ...
And to the mall to see other kids (she LOVES little kids!)
Playin' with Aunt Joy.
Papa shared his vanilla shake and they became buddies! :-)
Of COURSE I'd rather have my pictures turned the wrong way! Thanks Blogger! Grrr!
Daddy worked late but surprised us and came to see us at the mall anyway. Madelyn was so happy to see him! It was so cute when she saw him she grinned great big and started kicking her legs.
Jon was fresh from work and I wasn't really thinking pictures of ME when I left the house, but I still think it turned out nice.
Kids these days. . . The tooth fairy used to leave a quarter and for Halloween you got a few pieces of candy! This is Madelyn's Halloween loot and not from Mommy and Daddy either - who needs parents when you have GRANDparents??


The Taylors said...

They are cuter this way anyway than if she had been looking at the camera...at least in my humble opinion. :-)

jeff said...

She is just growing so fast, it is so hard to believe she is that big already. Blessings on you all!