Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just lots of Pix...

My personal favorite lately.
She was doing this with her leg quite a bit for a while... I think it must have been part of the pre-sitting herself up thing.
"Me? I'm not doing anything."
"HA! You caught me!"
"Is this OK mom? Am I in trouble?" For the record, she IS allowed to get her toys. There are a few things she struggles with temptation on (mostly it wins) and gets in trouble for but most things that she's not sure about if she doesn't get a big response then she loses interest. :-)
Excuse the drool! :-) I thought it was cute anyway.
Scary I know, but something about this picture reminded me of younger pix of Aunt Becky and I can't quite place it.
Pretty girl but. . .
Happier this way...
In other news, we're getting excited for the holidays! I've been in a project frenzy trying to get some household projects and organization finished up before the holidays hit. . . I love how I haven't worried about it all year, but now with the "threat" of the holidays. . . Jon has taken up radio control helicopters and has been a member of the men's group board at church for a while now, besides playing on Sundays (which means practice once a week) so he keeps pretty busy. Madelyn has 2 1/2 teeth (front bottom 2 and a molar she's been working on for a while), seems to have subtly grown into the next size (she's still pretty much just hitting 6-9mo [well except for pants. she's leggy] at 8 1/2mo, so...), and she can eat!! She's still eating baby food, but she downs a LOT and in only a few minutes every meal! She also continues to scoot - not crawl and we're pretty sure she's just gonna skip the crawl stage altogether. Now she's moved on to sitting herself up and pulling herself up. (had to move her mattress down 2 notches a week ago) She likes to stand or walk holding onto my hands and sometimes thinks she's too big to hold on with both hands (doesn't take her long to realize she's not THAT big yet).
And now, I'm gonna go. I have more pictures still on my camera, but... Madelyn and I were able to go to Women of Faith at the beginning of the month and I have a few fun pictures from that. but for now, ta ta!

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Aimee said...

I love the little socks that look like she's wearing some shoes;) So unique! She's such a cutie! :)