Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Women of Faith Pix as promised

First stop Cracker Barrel - Watertown
Just thought it was funny that Heidi was sitting right under a light so when she got her food it was like "WAAA!" right on her plate. You might have had to be there. . .
It was Joy's 16th B-day so she said it was OK if we had them sing to her as long as she got a free dessert. :-)
Madelyn's first hotel stay. . . She was waving at me.
a box lunch for both days was included with the ticket price.
I told Beck she should know better than to take these pictures on my camera because they WILL ALWAYS come back to haunt her!
taking a little down time.
Madelyn was sooooo good the whole time but she just needed to move a little so we found an out of the way corner and letter her down. Yes her white shirt DID come clean.
Olive garden for dinner Friday night. No wait whatsoever it was amazing!
sleeping beauty. (no, she didn't sleep here all night just a little in the morning when she went back to sleep.)
Great picture of everyone but me - go figure!
The end! :/

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Becky said...

I can't believe how red Joy is when they are singing to her. I understand though. I blush really badly too.