Monday, December 12, 2011

Mommies Can't Take Sick Days. . .

So how's your day? Mine? You really wanna know? Well, since you asked. . .
Madelyn slept in just a bit this morning (right around an hour longer than usual) then got up with a very wet diaper and wet jammies (pretty common. . . no biggy). I cleaned her up and put clothes on her and put her in her pack n play where she played/fussed because her teeth hurt and she was ready for breakfast. I made her breakfast, fed her (she was pretty good in spite of being pretty hungry), cleaned her face, then gave her Tylenol for her teeth and took a
Sudefedrine myself. i put her down to crawl around and play while I got started on some house straightening and grabbed something to eat (yes she officially crawls a majority of the time now). I had gone in her room to get something when i heard her coughing, so I came out to check on
her and apparently she had eaten something off the floor (my child seems to feel an urgency to get her pound of dirt in before her first birthday!). This, sadly is a normal thing so I didn't stress about it. Most things she figures out on her own are not edible and pulls/spits them back out. This particular item apparently she couldn't get back out though, so she started coughing and eventually threw up part of her breakfast on the floor and her clothes. I tried to grab her carefully and quickly but she still manage to get one hand in it and tried to get the other hand and her feet in it as I picked her up. anyway, I put her, clothes and all, in the tub (no water)and gave her toys to play with while I cleaned the floor.
A couple small bumps to the head later (those bath tubs are slippery!), I had cleaned up the worst of the mess, sprayed the spots, and bathed and dressed and read to a sleepy baby.
And THAT was all before her morning nap! After I rocked her and put her down for her nap I still had to find something to eat and attempt to straighten the house. I know it's not truly a bad day, it's just that, well my energy is low and my head so stuffy it feels like if I blow my nose one more time it'll explode and my nose is getting sore and I need a shower cause I know it'll probably make me feel better but. . . (reference the part about lack of energy above) But alas, she's been sleeping for two hours, which means she'll be up soon, so I MUST go do SOMEthing before then! In the meantime, feel free to offer your sympa. . . er, I mean support. No, I really am not complaining. There is some odd sense of fulfillment even in the midst of just wanting to go to bed and sleep for a week straight. I truly love every minute of being Madelyn's mommy and I find the daily challenges give me a strange thrill. I just wish my head didn't hurt so bad!
Hope Everyone is having a good Monday!


The Taylors said...

How's my day?? I can't answer that in a public venue :-p just let me add, not only do mommas not get sick days, they also don't get vacations (just cheering you up a bit) 8-o

Sorry you're feeling so yucky. We are smuggling badly with sinus issues here as well, no fun at all. Hope you knock the headache soon.

Lynette said...

Your title, so true ! Sorry bout your hectic day. Been there for sure.