Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Pix. . .

Valentine's Day with her "Doggy" from Daddy... (not to be confused with faithful friend "Puppy") she would NOT look at me but you get to see her curlies this way! P.S. her shirt says "My <3 belongs to Daddy"
FINALLY got her to look at me! She was a little confused at first. . . THIS is Puppy! She wasn't sure how she felt about the big puppy.
Jon's Valentine's gift. . . I know... but love buys a set of knives even though he has a box of them that never get used!
Mine. Well Jon ate half the candy but. . . Love shares. :D
I've been slacking taking pictures of Madelyn dressed cute because she will NOT be still anymore, but i attempted it this past Sunday. . . You'll see how that turned out. I had to post several because they crack me up and they show a little bit of her personality (and LOTS of toothy, silly grins!)
She slouches down like this when she does NOT want to be sitting still!
being contrary for Mommy but grinning at Daddy in the kitchen.
Being silly because she knew i wanted her to be still so she was grabbing up toys and playing intently while giving me silly looks!
LOVE this one! I figured i'd play her game and get her interested in her walker so i could get a picture of her standing up but she was still up and down and i was just trying to catch SOMEthing good so that's why it's at an angle but I like it this way! P.S. the dress is one my mom got for her before she was born.


The Taylors said...

She may be playing stinker but she is a cute stinker (which is actually just a little side note). One day you will be glad to have "captured" this stage even if it isn't so very captured and more on the fly. Too much cooperation would loose the personality/character.

Did I mention she is such a cute?

Becky said...

These made me chuckle. I love her slouching down in protest. :)