Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1 year update

We had Madelyn's 1yr check-up with the Dr. two weeks ago. She was a hair over 32" and 19lb 9oz. that puts her very high on height and pretty low on weight (go figure!). although I don't know why she's so low on weight because she nearly tripled her birth weight but according to their percentiles she's between 10th and 20th percentile and the nurse said definitely 100th on her height. she seems to be right on track with everything - 2-4 words, games and skills, etc. she says Dad, uh-oh, dropped it, hi (with any number of things after - hi sweety, hi Dad, etc.) and a few other ones that come and go. she blows kisses and plays peek-a-boo (she's not quite coordinated enough to get her hands on her eyes every time... sometimes they end up on the sides of her head and sometimes she get confused with blowing kisses and one hand is over her mouth and one is on the side of her head :). She plays for extended periods of time in her room with toys. She's working on stacking blocks (she can get a couple stacked before she knocks them over trying to put another one on). She loves standing at the window looking out and watching for dogs which she readily recognizes and starts imitating. She barks and breaths (tongue hanging out and complete with drool lately because she's teething again) like a dog and attempts to snort like a pig (it's more of a sniff so far). She walks along holding onto things and just Sunday night she took her first steps without holding on to anything! She has all eight front teeth and is working on molars now. She's also doing well with table food. She likes pretty much everything so far and doesn't seem to have any allergies so we're happy about that. And now she needs my attention so I'm gonna go. :D

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