Monday, March 26, 2012

Pictures. . . LOTS and LOTS of pictures! (Again)

The Sunday after her Birthday...
Saturday, March 10, we went down to Jon's parents' for a combined birthday celebration (half the family has March birthdays) The kids had fun playing in this "pup" tent. :D
Madelyn got more birthday presents (well I did too!)
She loved the soft chick card!
a Sunday afternoon nap...
Playing with balloons... Nana, we've gotten your money's worth out of these by now and they're STILL floating just fine.
St. Pattie's Day
Trying to get her to hold still...
And just for good luck... :D
Silly girl hammin it up for the camera
Beautiful! Look at those eyes!
I was sooo surprised and pleased this past Sunday when I sat her in the chair to get a picture and she promply sat up straight and gave me a nice smile like she knew exactly what was going on (which she kinda DOES recognize the camera now but she usually makes silly faces or starts going wild.)


The Taylors said...

Oh my, I declare she just keeps getting cuter and certainly isn't loosing any personality over time. What a sweetie!

Grandma C. said...

Madelyn is such a cute little girl. I love it when she is up on her tippy toes. Nice job, Leah, on the one year update! I enjoy reading about all she is doing.

Becky said...

Her expressions just kill me! It seems like every time you post a bunch of pictures, there are several new adorable expressions we've never seen before. :)