Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We're busy preparing for vacation, so I'm trying to empty my camera cards, charge batteries, etc. I was a little surprised by how long it's been since I emptied my card but anyway, here are some pictures of our summer so far.

 Grama and PopPop gave Madelyn this little pool, so we took it over to Nana and Papa's house a few Saturdays. She loves it!
 One night at Nana and Papa's she followed Papa into the kitchen and hit the jackpot! Peanut butter bagel (yep! no peanut allergies for us!).
 Father's day (not super great pix cause she wasnt wanting to cooperate but...

 Joy's piano recital. . . Great job as usual.

 Just another cute day! :D
 I love my sleepy girl!

 First time in a big pool. She LOVED it! we've been in a big pool a few times now and she stays in for a long time before saying "daw daw" (all done).
 4th of July. Trying to get her to sit and let me get a picture.
 Cheese puffs I think and the infamous cheesy grin.
 More 4th of July... We enjoyed a low key day around home then walked down to a park (a bit more of a walk than we expected and we didn't realize it was 90 degrees out when we left the house!)

 Sorry they're blurry because she will NOT be still for pix anymore but i thought they were cute anyway...

 Hat from Nana...
 "Really Mom?"

 First experience with crayons.
 OK, this child will NOT let me get a picture of her looking at me. she either charges at me or runs away or looks down or away but she's very self conscious and there is just no way to sneak up on her but since I was TRYING to get her just looking at her paper and drawing...
 EVERY time without fail she'd look up at me and give me this big cheesy grin!
 Whew! try number I don't even know what...
 And now, today's fun. . .  As I said I've been busy getting ready for vacation... I forgot I had a box of kleenx sitting with some stuff to take with us. Now I THOUGHT I had them where she couldn't get to them... now I have HALF a box of kleenx ready to take (and higher up than before).
 Not to worry though... she had half of the ones she had pulled out in the trash before I ever discovered it and she clearly felt she was helping get things done because with each small shred she put in the trash she'd say "tay-tue!" (Thank you) or "guh gul!" (good girl). and just to give you a little perspective... of the ones on the floor i was able to salvage a dozen that weren't shredded. there were probably at least that many in the trash and about half that torn and shredded on the floor.  Who knew there were THAT many kleenx in one box?!?

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Rachel Taylor said...

Yeah for updates! Eager to see you all. She is getting so big so quickly, oh my.
I remember that picture stage with Wyatt. Drove me bats (as I wanted lots of good pictures to remember the stage by). But, hey I remember the stage as just that). And now I can get a few great pictures... when the mood strikes. :-D