Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

GRRR!! Thanks blogger! I didn't really want my pictures turned the right way anyway. . .

Our beautiful princess "Yelya"" (Cinderella is her favorite. Still not sure how she even knows her but. . .) Our pumpkins didn't last very long at all! this one was on it's way out just a few days after carving.

Note Anne and a book. . .  There was no getting her to sit still without them.

Daddy and Yelya headed for trunk or treat. . .  He pulled the wig out last minute.  :-) Oh, and we forgot her bucket so I dumped my purse out for her.  She thought it was pretty cool getting stuff and putting it in her bag.

Couple weeks ago we went for the annual Catton pumpkin carving party.  Yelya made her debut appearance then we carved and painted "gunkins" (pumpkins).

More pumpkin pix later when I get them from Jon's camera.

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The Taylors said...

Such a cute Yeya!! And I am with you, who wants their pictures right way up anyway?? :-) More interesting sideways.