Thursday, February 28, 2013

OK, catch up time . . . BIG TIME!

I'm almost too ashamed of how old these ones are to even post them but. . .

 One hot summer day at Nana and Papa's
 Note BOTH phones

 Fun with Cousins
 First bounce house experience. . . Jury is still out on that experience.

 Big stuff watching the animals. (note the junk in my hair. . . Jon provoked a lama [or that other thing that's a lot like a lama] and he sneezed all over us. . . Mostly Jon, but. . .)

 Just a cute moment at the mall one day
 Silly girl

 Road trip to New Jersey with Grama and PopPop for a wedding
 The ocean. She LOVED it!

 I know it's blurry and her eyes are closed but she was on the move one day with a bag on each arm.  She ran around the house that way for a while and I thought it was cute.
 Mama and Daddy's 36th anniversary.  Bud and Aimee were here and surprised them with a (very yummy!) cake. :)
 Peek-a-boo! She thought she was so funny and clever.

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Becky said...

Kaelyn was looking at this batch of pictures with me. She was kind of amused with the "silly" pictures and she said, "She's as funny as me." :-)