Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm Back!

Well, Kinda. . . for now. . .

K, I didn't feel like trying to track down where i left off right now, so I thought I'd just post some fun stuff I just cleared off my SD card.  So here you have. . .

Madelyn's 2nd Birthday...
 She got a big kick out of being sung to first thing. (one of the things I always looked forward to growing up :)
 We started the morning with a few balloons and small gifts then breakfast then shopping the toy dept at walmart.  We don't make a regular habit of looking through the toys and she seems to enjoy being together and shopping AND she had a couple gift cards from Christmas so she got to pick out some things to bring home. . . only trouble is apparently shopping is something she does with Nana and Aunt Joy, so at her request, they met us there.

 Grama and PopPop were here when she got up from her nap and we went to dinner at (where else) Mickey D's for chicken and fries (something I'll have you know is NOT my fault she knows. . .  She actually has recognized the "golden arches" for some time now) and even got ice cream which we thought she might need help finishing. . . she didn't. :)

 Then later at home we had "cuck cake" (an obsession of the last several months. . .  anything with a cupcake on it or any dessert she doesn't know like doughnuts or anything she calls cupcake.)

 This year she knew just what to do with said cake! :)
We really tried to plan a day that included all her favorite things/people and it turned out to be a great day for all!
 Then two days later. . .
 Nana and Papa took her to lunch and gave her the present we helped pick out a couple days earlier.
Also, the day after her birthday, we had Uncle Brad, Aunt Melissa and the cousins for church and dinner (think we have pix of that somewhere but. . . She's one lucky and loved little girl for sure!

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