Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random Pictures

We had some friends over one afternoon and the two little boys showed her how fun/cool it was to empty the toy box so you can climb IN it. :)  We did that for a few days after and thought we were really clever for it.
 Being a goober while Mommy tried to get a picture of her looking pretty one Sunday.
 Her first booboo.  As you can see, nothing too serious (she tripped, fell, and tore her tights headed in from the car one Sunday.) but she was pretty proud of it until it was all the way gone! :)
 One day I went somewhere. . . Cant remember where maybe just over to storage and came back to find Madelyn and Daddy in the middle of this project.

 Adding the candies

 They actually enjoyed eating it little by little too!
 This is just around the corner from church and one Sunday we saw these guys hanging out up there.  We believe they weren't right to be out in the middle of the day like that.
 Just thought this was funny with the "For Sale" sign and coons climbing in and out big holes in the roof. . . they have since given up and started cleaning out some stuff.  Maybe they're preparing for demo. I'm not sure.
 Pretty girl in her big girl pigtails.
 Again, not a super cooperative stage for pictures. . .  This was Easter trying to get a good picture before giving her her basket.
 The awaited basket
 She LOVES her baby dolls and is such a little mommy so we had the sticky worn right off the pretend diapers withing a couple days!
 Just looking pretty one day
 a belated Easter egg hunt at Nana and Papa's the Sunday afternoon after Bud's wedding. (we don't often get the chance to all be together around Easter.
 SOME of the kids. The contrast between Madelyn and Courtney's faces cracks me up!
 Nice spring day outside. . . and matching :)
 Goober again. . .  Here ya go Net, this is about the best you get of her in the dress. . .
 Mother's day. . .  Just LOVE this little girl to pieces!


Charity said...

Hey glad to see your posts again! I enjoy keeping up with you and your sisters through the blogs.

Valerie Pile said...

Hi Leah,
I enjoyed looking at your pictures. I'd love to see you sometime!