Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Little Something New

Hi guys! Just a little update. I just discovered the export/import option on blogger, so here is what's going on. I combined both blogs into my Finished by Friday blog to keep things simple and under the same login info, so if this goes as planned I'll probably be deleting this blog. Just wanted to let you know. Check out to keep up with us and HOPEFULLY I'll get this whole mobile blogging thing figured out and do a better job keeping up... I actually do stuff y'all, it's just the blogging about it that has me stumped.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jon's Birthday Party

Here they are guys.  The three of you waiting to see them.  Honestly, I only got a handful of others, so this is what you get... also, sorry, but what you see is what you get as far as pictures of decorations and food. :-/

And for anybody who might be lurking around not knowing what;s up with us lately...  Jon just turned 30 last week, so we (our dear friends and I) decided to throw a surprise party for him.  We pulled it off without him even suspecting.  Everything went really well and we had a good turn out.  He was happy and I was happy. :-)


Quick family shot first thing... I think others got better ones.

Mama made really cool camo/marbled cupcakes and decorated them as one big cake. it made serving up dessert easier!

Friends from church

More friends and family

More family and we were really excited to have some old life long friends come

Most gifts were cards and money but the big ticket was his new muzzle loader rifle

love the smile

Monday, November 18, 2013

This is the day that The Lord hath made!

One morning last week I had fallen back asleep just to be awakened to "This is the day. This is the day. That The Lord hath made. That The Lord hath made..." coming from the monitor in Madelyn's room. :)  I'm not gonna lie, that'll take your first thought of "Really? I have to get up now?" and stop it right in its tracks!  I couldn't help but smile and drag myself out of bed to start our day.  I just love that girl!  She always has a song in her heart.  Just about the time I'm completely fed up with her being a two year old and not listening or whining or whatever... She'll randomly start singing any number of the, must be, dozens of songs she knows either that I've taught her or she's heard on klove. It always amazes me when I realize I recognize a new song she's singing. She usually has the tune learned to where you can recognize it before you could tell what words she is actually singing (which is also kinda amazing for her age).  But yeah, I'm just a little proud. :)  She won't sing in church yet and I'm not sure why because she knows all the songs but she just listens and then when she hears them at home she'll talk about so and so playing it or singing it.  She also informs me regularly "iss a good one Mom!  Mommy! Mommy! Iss a good one! Hey! Don't dance Mom!" Haha!

Anywho, now everyone is awake (over 12 hrs for the little girl! Can I get a woohoo?!)  so I'm off to start my Monday (which actually started several hours ago for me) and try to recover this mess of a house from the weekend.  Have a good day/week and remember... This is the day The Lord hath made... Rejoice and be glad in it!