Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ahh... Vacation

So, just wanted to share something with you. Leah and I went on vacation today, officially! As you can see, our minds were on vacation too. So you are wondering, what possessed them to play with Lego's? Well I had some students that were doing a science fair project, and they were building it with Lego's. More than once I found myself playing with them and constructing things. So when I got home to Mom and Dad's I got the urge and broke out the old sets of Lego's. I remember saying to Leah, "See... I'm on vacation, my brain goes to seed, and I end up playing with Lego's!"

I got into the airline business and started building jets, my airline was Catton-ental (get it? Continental... Catton-en...) Leah started building this strange vehicle that looked like it belonged to the old Twilight Zone Series. At this time her business was called "Odd-Ball Construction" Then she became a little more advanced and started with architecture. She built the Flight Control Tower that you see in the picture. It was a fun evening, and I looked back again just while I was typing this, and she says to me, "I had to build him steps so he didn't get stuck up there!" OK... so she's lost it. Anyway it's later, and it's fun, AND it's VACATION!!!

This is us building.

This is us building (again).

An arial shot of the Airport.

A ground shot of the Airport.

The front of Leah's Air Traffic Control Tower (she would want you to notice the stairs).

The back of the Air Traffic Control Tower.

The Rescue Vehicle.

Catton-ental Airliner.

Self Explanatory.

This is me practicing my photography. Notice things in the foreground are blurry. Notice things in the background are blurry. Notice how clear the flowers are. It seems that this is the only time I've ever been successful in doing this... taking pictures of Lego's.


jeff said...

Glad to see you are being so productive while you are "vacationing". Enjoy those days off while you can, too soon back to the old grindstone.

Esther said...

I'm SOOOOOO impressed! You guys are the most awesome Lego builders/construction engineers that I've ever known. I feel honored to be even a small part of your lives! Leah, I'm glad you gave the little guy stairs to get down from there, because it looks too small for there to be a bathroom! Good thinking! And the airliner - Catton-ental, ingenious!

Have a wonderful holiday. Jon, your parents are so lucky!!