Friday, November 2, 2007


We've been to a couple of Bro. Fay's revival messages and he uses the term "wow" a lot. But he has good reason. The first night we were there was Wednesday, he had this little routine, and he raises his hand and says, "I am connected... Wow!" When he says the "Wow" part he brings his arm down and does the thumbs-up out in front of him. His message was very good and has been encouraging to me. When we are connected to God, we are connected to an infinite power source and unlimited resources. Just think about it! Infinite power? Unlimited resources? And all we need to do? Say yes. God can bless our lives so very much and has for every last one of us. It's been a thought that has constantly been running through my mind since he said "Infinite power"... WOW! God can do anything! Bro. Fay also mentioned this, "God loves the impossible!" I guess that's why I enjoyed the message so much. I thought this next placement was the impossible, it would be discouraging, and trying, but I'd prayed that God would make me the best I could be. I see that power every day, and I feel those resources at my finger tips. He's taken wonderful care of Leah and I since we've been married, and I just wanted to share the info. Infinite Power, Unlimited Resources.

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Jenn said...

Jon... great to find your blog... remember me??? Your cousin Jenn (Robison) Eckert