Monday, March 1, 2010

Bowling. . .

K, I've been notified, by one of my favorite "lurkers", that I need to update, so here we go. . .
A couple Friday nights ago, our church young adult group went bowling at this little old small town place. Since I have never played before and wasn't about to play for the first time with people I'm not real familiar with yet, I opted to hang out and watch. Jon played and did pretty well. I think he came in second the first game and first the second and that was after who knows how long not playing!
Unfortunately, several of the "group" weren't able to make it. Due to lack of baby sitters, birthday parties, and family emergencies, there was only 6 of us, but it was fun anyway.
Here are just a few pictures I got while playing around with my new camera. I haven't gotten it all figured out yet and with the sporadic lighting, it was hard to catch certain people in motion.
Marissa "granny bowled" so I didn't really catch any good action shots.
Jon looking all cool and dramatic (no it wasn't posed)
Pastor Aaron
Jim (Marissa's husband) came in first on the first game, so since he was doing so well, Jon and John were trying to imitate his little one leg hop thing. They thought it might help them do better too! It didn't. :-)
Jon nicknamed him "H" to distinguish between the two of them. He seemed to like it and has taken up calling Jon "no H".

Near the end, things got a little stressful, so SOME players resorted to trying to distract others.

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